A message to CryptoPanic Supporters

Since 2017, we grew to become the largest crypto news aggregator.

We could not have done this without your support. supporting us by using CryptoPanic.
Thank you. 🧡

We are looking for the right person to join our team to continue building CryptoPanic and provide even more value to it's users.

The best candidate is one of you - a CryptoPanic user, a team player that loves seeing their code in action and providing value. (Python and JavaScript)

We are working remotely, and you would have the flexibility, and responsibility to shape the job to your liking.

For more details about the role, read the description below.
If this sounds interesting, please reach out to .


You are a responsible full-stack Python + JavaScript developer that loves and uses CryptoPanic, and could deliver a well-tested, and documented codebase with complete deployment, growth, and maintenance stories.

  • Your core goal: develop features with a focus on creating more value for the users.
  • What would we build: our users would decide together with us.
  • Why do we need your help: we get emails and messages of support on a daily basis, and see the opportunity to build CryptoPanic further together with a person who loves both CryptoPanic, and coding.
  • Why should you join: you will have a key role, that goes together with responsibility and flexibility in building our value-first product that is already being used by hundreds of thousands of users.

Come build CryptoPanic with us!

At CryptoPanic, we are building the largest news aggregator platform indicating impact on price and market for traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Imagine the most relevant news, delivered just in time, to the right person.

If you are passionate about software engineering and seeing a community grow because you shipped a great feature/product - read on!

Job Title: Head of Engineering

  • Location: Remote, but would get together from time to time.
  • Preferred time zone: From GMT - 4 to GMT + 3.
  • Compensation: Base + Bonus.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work together with the growth team and define the roadmap that users will like.
  • Take responsibility for the defined roadmap and product quality.
  • Work on the core of CryptoPanic and develop it further.
  • Build, test, and ship code that will be used by hundreds of thousands of users.
  • To summarise: you will take responsibility for everything related to CryptoPanic's code: brainstorming, programming, creating, leading, testing, launching, and having great fun while doing it.
  • And the most important one: Maintain and fix bugs on all user-facing parts of CryptoPanic.

Who are we looking for

  • You have 4+ years of full-time software engineering experience
  • You are an experienced general/full-stack engineer who feels comfortable building production-ready features but is also not afraid of tackling more foundational problems
  • You enjoy using CryptoPanic, see ways it could improve, and would love to build it further
  • You love to code and feel proud of the features/products that you ship
  • You are curious about how things work, enjoy looking under the hood, and are not afraid to challenge the existing solutions
  • You learn fast, and even if there's a problem, you where to look for the solution
  • You have experience building, testing, and launching features and products, and can present examples of your work
  • You are responsible, proactive, and love taking initiative

If this sounds interesting, please send your CV and a cover letter to . Don't forget to mention projects you've built that you are proud of. ;)