CryptoPanic is providing simple JSON API of recent posts and indicators. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

API Terms

  • You must sign up first to find out your API auth token.
  • You cannot use CryptoPanic name or logo or official branding elements for your app without approval of an author.
  • API and RSS access rate is limited by maximum 2req/s.
  • All API requests are logged.
  • CryptoPanic has rights to revoke API access at any time for any reason.

Your API auth token

To get API access login or sign up first.




You can filter trending posts using trending=true filter:

Filter by currency using currency=CURRENCY_CODE:

You can also combine both filters together:

Filter only "Following" feed - based on currencies you follow using following=true:


Simple RSS feed for tickers and RSS/Atom readers:

You can also get RSS format for all API methods by adding format=rss to the request:

Community bots

CryptoPanic bot can automatically post trending, all or single currency related news to your Discord, Slack, Telegram or any another chat application. Read more